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The AI-powered Analysis of Digital Biomarkers Provides Clinical Insights to Healthcare Practitioners and Enhances the Quality and Delivery of Care to Patients

How do you provide easier access to care, timely interventions and reduce the complexity of the patient journey?

This is how.

GenMind™ Remote Monitoring and Assessment:

Smart Phone Outline
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Smart Phone Outline
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Smart Phone Outline
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Phone call/video recording collection, processing, and analysis

Dynamic symptoms assessment report to healthcare providers

Triage assessment in clinical interview

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We aim to do our part to mitigate health inequity and help support clinicians’ expertise with relevant insights from remote patient monitoring and enhance the patient-doctor relationship.

Negative and cognitive symptoms are primary contributors of disability, co-morbidities and diminished quality of life for patients.

The ability to provide remote monitoring and time-sensitive interventions to manage and treat these symptoms continue to be highlighted by practitioners as significant unmet needs.

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