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Post-Conference Thoughts: 2022 SelectUSA Investment Summit

It was our first time being part of an invite-only delegation representing Singapore at a global conference and we loved it.

As a company with team members all over the world developing a platform for brain health that offers remote monitoring and assessment, we love how we can leverage technology for healthcare impact and the way it can bring people closer. We send chat messages to communicate ideas, have conference calls that span multiple timezones, and exchange insights in breakout rooms at virtual conferences. But, truly, nothing beats attending an in-person conference.

We did just that last June 26 to 29 in Maryland, USA, where we participated at the 2022 SelectUSA Investment Summit. There, we represented Singapore as part of an invite-only delegation led by the United States Ambassador to Singapore, Jonathan Kaplan and Enterprise Singapore. As part of that delegation, we met old and new friends from all over the world (out of 3,600 attendees, 2,000 of us traveled from outside the US). We really had a great time sharing our story and goals in monitoring brain health, improving the patient journey and empowering the doctor-patient relationship. It was great meeting up with such a diverse group of industry experts, a remarkable cohort of international entrepreneurs and potential business partners.

See you at the next event!


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